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Special Thanks Goes To...

Bswk Public Works 1.jpg
City of Brunswick
Public Works Division

Thank you to the City of Brunswick for Trash and Snow removal.

Shade Tree Lawn Care

Thank you Charlie Carter Jr. for the mowing and large landscape projects.

John T. Williams
      Funeral Home

Thank you to Barbara Williams for your support with our Luminary event.

Thank you to the Steadman-Keenan American Legion Post 96 for your support with our Memorial Day event.

Eagles Ladies Auxiliary
Aerie 1136

Thank you to the Eagles Ladies Auxiliary for their fundraising support.

2015-08-19 0001a.JPG
Shores Construction Inc.

Thank you Randy Shores for providing heavy equipment when needed.

Excavator image.jpg

Carroll Manor Lawn Care

    for Grave Excavation Services

Thank you Carroll Manor Lawn Care LLC for providing our burial site opening and closings.

Airport View Signs

Thank you to Jason Ricketts and the staff at Airport View Signs for your support with our Luminary event.

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