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The Early Years

In 2006, the Gate on Gum Spring Road was blocked by downed trees and underbrush. Now, it is clear and accessible to foot traffic.

If you have photos of the cemetery from this time period, we would love to add them to our website so we can show how much the cemetery has changed!

2006-03-28 Old Gate Shot #3_edited.jpg

The Community Steps In

Since the initial meeting in 2005, folks from near and far have joined together to bring the Cemetery back from years of neglect. 


In October 2014, young men from Boy Scout Troop 324 and their families help with our Clean-up Day.  A lot of work but a lot of fun too!


Also helping the Cemetery Team were Eileen Goetz, Walt Bell, and Clair Ebersole.

Dedication and Hardwork...

It takes a lot of time, dedication and hardwork to make a cemetery look pristine, but when finished the cemetery can truly be a place of beauty and rest.

Layout of the Land...

Breathtaking 10+ acres with well maintained landscaping.

Transformation of PHC

With all the dedication, effort and time from volunteers, our once fallen cemetery now holds it's head up high.

Additional Photographs

Photographs of the Cemetery are always welcome, especially photos of the past. Please contact us if you have photos that you feel may be of interest.

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