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Rules and Regulations

January 30, 2020


** The Cemetery grounds are uneven and there are many low-lying monuments, cornerstones, and memorial items. Families and friends are encouraged to be vigilant and very careful while walking, and please report any safety concerns **


The Cemetery is always open and everybody is welcome. Please treat the Cemetery grounds with care and respect. The Cemetery maintains Records, which are available to those who seek or wish to provide information.


The Cemetery does not sell or offer perpetual care or burial goods.


Pets, alcoholic beverages, and illegal drugs, are not permitted.


An Agreement will be issued to each purchaser of burial spaces. The Cemetery must approve transfer or resale of any spaces, for record purposes.  


Burial goods or services (monuments, vaults, caskets, tents/chairs, and such) acquired independently by Families over the Internet or from other sources must be handled and coordinated by the Family and Funeral Homes as regarding ordering, payment, transportation, delivery and receiving, and installation. The Cemetery is only able to assist with burial space location, and coordinating the opening/closing of a grave. 


A modern durable vault is required for all burials.  Under Maryland law, a casket is not mandated, and therefore is not required by Park Heights Cemetery. Stacking (one vault buried on top of another) is not permitted. All burials shall be human remains only, and below ground.


Cremation ashes may be inurned in an Urn/box, or may be entered directly into the grave. An Urn or ashes can be inurned below ground (only by PHC staff), or stored within a secure above-ground professional Monument that conforms to Cemetery dimensions’ rules.  For the inurnment of any Urn larger than 12”x12”x12”, or an Urn in a Vault or other outer container, PHC reserves the right to refer to a qualified Provider to open/close the grave.   


Monuments shall be of reasonable shape and dimension, reflecting the general theme of the Cemetery. The Cemetery must approve all Monument installations by Permit, and will work with Providers to assure proper location.


The general maximum height for any monument is 6 feet. Width must conform to owned burial space(s) size. All monuments, markers, benches, foot-stones, and such, remain the property and ongoing responsibility of the purchaser.


Memorial items (examples: flowers, flags, religious symbols) are welcome and remain the property and responsibility of the owner/purchaser. For safety reasons, glass items are not permitted. The Cemetery reserves the right to remove any memorial items that are spent, damaged, or deemed to be offensive.


Plants, shrubs, and trees may be planted with Cemetery permission. The ongoing care of such plants, shrubs, and trees is the responsibility of the owner. The Cemetery reserves the right to trim or remove any plants, shrubs, or trees that become intrusive or have grown out of control.    


The Cemetery will regularly mow and trim the grounds, remove trash, make general affordable grounds repairs, and keep the driveway open during snow events.

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